Every staff member has been carefully selected for their empathy and ability to contribute to the family atmosphere here within the home. 

Our friendly team are dedicated to helping you whatever your needs may be and the high staff retention rate reflects this fact. 

A large percentage of staff have been with us for over 10 years and some since the beginning almost 30 years ago! 

The atmosphere at West Lodge has even inspired our young adults to follow in their parents footsteps and continue the family tradition of providing quality care. We believe this genuine spirit of caring makes a vital contribution to the health and overall well-being of the “whole person”. 

This family atmosphere is something that can only be created by truly dedicated people, not just those with formal qualifications – important though these are! 

Will they know my needs? 

Staff at West Lodge must possess the skills, qualifications and training to deliver excellent care to all of our residents. 

We strongly believe in quality of care and continually invest in our staff by providing them with up to date training. 

Do you employ many staff? 

We employ over 80 members of staff which include: Floor Managers, Senior Carers and an extensive team of Care Staff, all of whom are on hand 24 hours a day to deliver high quality care tailored specifically for you. 

How can I identify staff? 

Members of staff have been issued with West Lodge Identification Badges bearing their name and role within the home. 

Staff with whom you will have the most contact are: Floor Managers who wear dark purple tunics, Senior Carers in lilac tunics and Carers in pale blue.

Management and Administration staff wear grey suits and blue blouses.

Other Staff behind the scenes include: Catering (Royal Blue Tabard), Housekeeping (Pale Green striped Tunic) and Maintenance (Navy Polo Shirts or Sweatshirts), all of whom make their own essential contributions to the smooth running and happy atmosphere of the home. 

There is a photo board available in reception area to help you identify our team. 

Who runs West Lodge?

General Manager – Kate Lyons

Care Manager – Jeanette Robinson

Floor Managers – Julieanne McClurg, Margaret Stothard, Caroline Pickering, Judith Jopling, Angela Lawson, Amy Parkinson.

Nightshift Managers – Helen Davison, May Watson.