Tasty Food

Home Cooked tasty meals 

Our skilled catering team work from a state of the art kitchen on the top floor to produce good quality, nutritionally balanced food which is freshly cooked to order for each meal time. 

We cater for all dietary needs and have separate meal times to ensure our most vulnerable residents are given the assistance they require. 

We offer a hotel style breakfast service where cooked breakfasts are freshly prepared and cooked to order. 

We find that interesting food and a healthy diet are fundamental to the high quality of care we provide and your long term well-being.

Every meal is nutritionally balanced and freshly cooked for each sitting to ensure you get things at their very best.

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of good quality home style cooking without the effort.

Is there plenty of choice?

The carefully designed menus offer the best of seasonal choice and rotate every 3 weeks to ensure that you have a fresh balanced diet and a good  choice of food to tempt the taste buds.

Can I choose what I eat?

Our Staff will visit you to ascertain your food preferences and to seek your comments on the food as we are always striving to make improvements as a part of our quality policy.

What if I have a special diet?

Personal dietary advice is always available, with a qualified Dietician available for consultation on special diets should you need it.  Whether for health, religious, cultural or preference reasons, we endeavour to meet your individual needs.

What if I have an allergy?

Our catering staff can tailor your meals as per your Dietician’s advice to ensure you have exactly what you need and that allergens are avoided.

Do you have set meal times?

Yes, for nutritional reasons we provided regular sittings to ensure you remain as healthy as possible.  Meals are normally served in the dining room where staff are on hand to assist should you need it.